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Discrete Manufacturing

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Internet-based services can win customers as quickly as they can lose them. The distribution process behind product purchases via the web is therefore essential to a company’s success. This is what is at stake with a web-based supplying IT system.

With businesses nowadays being linked up to numerous partners, they are looking to control and make secure every aspect of their supply, production and distribution chains by using solutions and structures to optimize the operation of their distribution networks, reduce stocks and establish JIT working procedures. This trend is being reinforced by the new methods of communication and of exchanging information available, such as the Internet, and seems to be creating a source for providing profitability and a strategic competitive advantage.


  • Integration of major ERP solutions
  • Consultancy on and implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions
  • Consultancy on and implementation of Supply Chain Management (SCM) Solutions.
  • Consulting services on supply chain integration between suppliers and component manufacturers in the car industry, on the implementation of extended management controls, etc.
  • Wireless Integration
  • Global Reach IP
  • Third-Party Maintenance service including software, if necessary

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