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Founded in 1984, Sybase is one of the largest independent software vendors in the world. We deliver end-to-end solutions for the Unwired Enterprise, including enterprise infrastructure business solutions, mobile software solutions for information management, development, and integration. With Sybase, our customers gain maximum competitive advantage by getting maximum value from their information assets. 
Unlocking this value is a challenge. Most of enterprise information is not readily accessible, sitting in information silos, blocked by incompatible legacy systems and hard-wired connections. Sybase and the Unwired Enterprise unlocks that information and moves it to the point of action, increasing its relevance and enhancing the power of decisions and transactions. 

Enabling the Unwired Enterprise

The first step toward achieving the unwired enterprise is managing information across the enterprise. Our proven and extensive track record in information management, information access, application development, and integration solutions allows our customers to extract more value from their IT investments. Our solutions unlock, integrate, and seamlessly deliver just about any type of data, whether in a database, a transaction, or an application. 

The second step to enabling the unwired enterprise is to access and use information assets when and where it is needed. Information must be delivered to the point of action so that professionals who work off the corporate campus and occasionally off the corporate network have the best information available—whenever it’s required. Our mobility solutions allow information to be easily accessed and to flow freely, anywhere, anytime, on any platform. Sybase delivers an end-to-end mobile enterprise solution that includes everything from mobile databases, middleware, synchronization, and management software all the way to an industry-leading wireless portal, messaging, and ultralite-footprint databases.

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