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Application Services

Nanosoft Solutions Inc. provides professionals in application development, integration, testing and maintenance services for a wide variety of programs ranging from front office to enterprise-wide commercial applications.

Application development and integration is the foundation of every company’s business engine in achieving corporate objectives and financial success. The alignment of business objectives to that of the IT driven initiative, remains to be the most crucial factor in succession of any technology based project. As such, the complexity of the project implementation team from its project leader to developers must consist of a well balanced set of technical and intangible characteristics. Each project team member must not only be experts in their related field but also a productive influence towards the success of the project.

Nanosoft Solutions has a proven track record in providing skilled professionals in application development services that exceed the technical requirements, and are a suitable match for your corporate culture. We are a valued partner of many fortune 1000 companies in providing Application Services professionals is a variety of disciplines such as:

  • .NET Technology
  • Java/J2EE
  • HTML.Perl
  • Visual Basic
  • Power Builder
  • Unix
  • DataWarehouse
  • BSA
  • QA
  • DBA
  • Main-Frame Technology
  • Mid-Frame Technolgy
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