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Custom Application Development

Many business processes are unique to enterprises for which no off-the-shelf solutions are available. Custom applications provide competitive advantage by addressing the gaps in the functionality offered by packaged solutions. As demands for custom applications rise, IT departments work hard to design, integrate, implement, support new applications and simultaneously maintain and upgrade legacy systems.

Nanosoft Solutions Inc. Custom Application Development services offer you new application development with full lifecycle support.


  • You benefit from successful, high-quality applications without the hassles of learning curves and staffing
  • Using a phased approach, our experts outline the solution, define the solution architecture, develop prototypes, build details of the solution, develop the solution, perform validation against requirements and rollout the solution
  • We use of right combination of tools, frameworks and reusable code, which enables us to quicken application development in specific environments.
  • Our custom application development services reduce costs and improve performance and quality to help run enterprises efficiently

Internet usage is burgeoning, placing higher demands on the reliability and the stability of web solutions. Building and deploying web solutions is just the beginning.

The bigger challenge is in maintaining and enhancing them when usage volumes ascend and sophisticated functionalities are added. As usage of web solutions is unimpeded by geography and time zones, it is important for solutions to function efficiently on a round the clock basis.

At Nanosoft Solutions, we have the expertise and experience in delivering large web solutions that demand concurrent transaction oriented communications with customers, partners and suppliers. Our web solution experts have an in-depth knowledge of multi-tier application design, data and process integration, established and emerging web technology standards.

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