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Nanosoftsys Inc. specializes in helping enterprises foster innovation using Internet-Commerce technology. We understand that the Internet and e-Business breeds new business models. And we know it creates value by unleashing profound, disruptive changes in the way business is done. First-mover status no longer promotes success. In today's e-World, the fundamentals still apply. By blending innovation with time-honored ways of doing business we help ensure your business model stays responsive and reliable.

We provide the following e-Solution Services

  • Planning : Strategy, Tactics, Contingency and Operations.
  • Managing : Program Management Office PMO , Project Recovery and Business-Process-Reengineering (BPR).
  • Integrating: WEB Development , Oracle Development , and System Performance.
  • Enabling : Sales & Marketing , Supply Chain, and Data Marts.
  • Server Development : Real world object oriented application systems using Visual C++ clients with embedded Active-X controls. Visual Basic applications over ODBC and native SYBASE / ORACLE / SQL Server connectivity to UNIX/NT based servers.
  • Internet Applications:We believe in network computing and develop network applications using Microsoft Active-X controls and Java applets, typically in sales and service oriented applications for customer connectivity.
  • Web Site Development :We have graphics and marketing experts that are constantly surfing the Internet and analyzing website trends, learning the newest technology. We have developed websites for everyone from small businesses to large, corporate customers.
  • Graphic and Interface Design : We use the latest digital tools for the creation of Multi-Media content. Nanosoftsys has several years experience in the field of computer graphics, 3-D design and animation, layout, and interface design.
  • Off Shore Development :Leverage offshore development within our services to deliver the best value for our customers. Our processes for offshore integration are designed around making the client oblivious of the logistics.
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